Building Progress









In summer 2018, the founding Nuns from Elysburg will move to the existing farmhouse on the Fairfield property. This will be their temporary home until the first main monastery building is completed. Together with the caretakers, they will oversee the project. Construction has already begun on the property; the first auxiliary building, namely the caretaker’s cottage, is slated for completion on April 15, 2018. Following close behind with a completion date of April 25 a large barn will serve as a temporary work space for the Nuns. The utility garagewoodshed, and guest cottages will be erected by Advent, 2018.









With these support buildings in place, the 2019-2020 phase of construction will focus on the turn area, infirmary, and prioressworkrooms. Each of the following phases will focus on a different building, progressivelyworking towards the more complex elements in the infrastructure culminating with the Chapel and NunsChoir. As each new portion is completed, the Nuns will incrementally transition their monastic functions from their temporary setting into a permanent setting. Then, as the project progresses, it will widen in scope: more participants, increased involvement of educational facilities, and greater interest on the part of sponsors, will result in the completion, slated for 2028, of this unique and spiritually vital enterprise.


On March 17, 2018, boys from St. Gregory’s Academy assisted in tearing down an 18th century farmhouse. The stone from this house will be used to build the new utility garage and guest cottages.


  • April 2018: Construction begins on barn
  • April 15, 2018: Completion of Caretakers’ Residence
  • November 2017: Construction begins on Caretakers’ Residence
  • August 2017: The site is cleared, the driveway and chapel parking lot are paved, and drainage systems are installed.
  • June 2016: The Nuns break ground, which is then consecrated by Bishop Ronald Gainer of Harrisburg.
  • Christmas, 2015: A $1,000,000 donation funds an access road, excavation, and water and sanitary facilities.
  • 2012: The Carmelites meet a Catholic widow, who believes her land in Fairfield, PA is meant for a mission.


Aerial footage of the new property (Summer, 2017):